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FUR: Fur is a body hair of any non-human mammal, also known as the pelage. It may consist of short ground hair, long guard hair, and, in some cases, medium awn hair. (wikipedia)

The Confirming Friend is in doubt whether FUR should be banned out of fashion or if it should be used.
Is it alright?
Or is it EVIL?
Let's reason about it!
Some opinions:
*Buying an old fur from a second hand store, I believe, can't do any harm.
The animal has died more than 20 years ago, it's not that we freshly killed it AND If it wouldn't have died by humans attacking it for it's gorgeous skin, then it would be dead naturally by now anyway!
*If it's a rabbit fur, cow skin, sheepskin,... I could't care less... Only because I know we can eat those animals too.
Killing a rabbit for its fur and marinade the meat with prunes: you get the good stuff out of the whole animal!
Cow: a good steak and a good leather shoe.
Sheep/Lamb: delicious lambchops and a good bag!
*If it's elephant, crocodile, fox, zebra, tiger, bear, monkey, gorilla, ... I SAY NO!
I don't see why I'd wear an endangered animal or for example, a crocodile, an animal that's pre-historic! duh!
Also, I don't want to eat them. Chewing on gorilla-ears, mmm, NO.
*Baby seals.... beaten to death in Greenland, Iceland, Northpole. Immediatelly you'd say: poor animals! I agree.
But I reconsider this when it's killed by someone who lives there and again uses it's skin for protection AND eats it!
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE animals and I don't want to hurt any of them. But seals there, are like cows here.
(Seal-Shepherds pie, Seal-'stoverij')
Why not eat something else? Well, living in those cold and far away countries, you can imagine that importing fruit and vegetables is expensive. So what's around a lot, is sea food. Like literally, everthing that lives in the ocean.

I'd say, fur is exceptable when you use the animal completely: bones, fur, meat.
I'd say, 'endagered' fur is exceptable when you only have that to eat and you use the animal to survive: bones, fur, meat.
I'd say, fur is exceptable when you buy it vintage.
I'd say, fur is unexceptable when you kill the animal only use its fur as a fashion article. (Knowing we live in a time when there are so many fabrics to choose from)
I'd say, fur is unexcepatble when you can't eat the animal that it belongs from.

Pro's and Contra's about fur... Too many things to mention and too delicate to talk about.
Love animals and protect them against evil humans.
No against animal testing.
No against whale-hunting.
No against Chinese Fur farms.

Turning vegetarian?
No. I love meat. It's only a human thing. Animals eat animals. Humans eat animals.

PS: the picture above is ALL old 1960's vintage fur.


lien said...

Het jammere aan heel de zaak is...
dat koeien, konijnen, lamtjes... geschoten worden alleen voor het vel... want dan is het vlees niet meer eetbaar (zegt de voedselinspectie toch).

Met andere woorden... da gebeurt nooit dat ze dan nog de rest verkopen aan warenhuizen.
Dat wordt gescheiden van elkaar... eetkonijnen en fur-konijnen..

Alleen bij nomaden en ijslanders gebeurt detwee...

jaja die fur toch... een moeilijke kwestie.

The Confirming Friend said...

there goes my whole theory... hahahhahaaa!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

EAT for FUR!!!!