Thursday, June 12, 2008


If there is anything the Confirming Friend LOVES doing, is going to Festivals.
It's a place where people DANCE, have FUN, don't GIVE A SHIT, DRESS ridiculous, and last but not least: GET WASTED!
It's all about letting go and stepping into another world. A world of fun, seeing things differently and not care about anything else than the music and the people and the atmosphere...

I just went to We Love Sounds in the Hordern Pavillion in Sydney.
Cassius, Derrick Carter, !!!, Mix Master Mike, Bonde Do Role, Marc Houle, Theatre Of Disco, telefunken.....
I didn't go out in such a long time... It was absolutely amazing!
What else was good (and that counts for every festival): it's durig the day!! So no coming home when the sun is up for at least 5 hours already, but actually seeing the sun going under!

Things that are necessary on a festival:
*Free entrance. $150 for a party?????????
*Backstage passes - you want to get free drinks and hang out with the artists... Not to starfuck, but to use their decent clean chairs, tables, glasses AND TOILETS!!
*Easy FLAT shoes. You CAN look good with flat shoes.
*Get drunk BEFORE you go to the festival. The funniest is getting drunk in the car. Make sure you are a good driver. The Confirming Friend IS a good driver.
Why getting drunk before? Festivals usually mean: only beer for alcohol??? No thank you.... Beer makes you fat on top of the fact it tastes like crap and you have to drink 20 beers for the same effect of 2 vodka's.
(The Confirming Friend stopped drinking a while ago, but on a festival, we can make an exception)
*Bring your own food. Nothing is worse than getting sick after a festival-durum.
*Toilet paper...
*Ear plugs. You don't want to get deaf at 40. If you don't have earplugs: use your toilet paper. Make little balls out of the paper and squeeze it in those ears.
*Camera: just to take pics of the great and inspiring fluo-pink-long-haired boots, the great hairstyles, and the half-dead drunks.
*Big hot sweaters: when dancing in the Boiler room, you wear them all at once and loose weight! It's a complete work-out.

Let the Confirming Friend know more tips!
I'll Confirm if they are indeed good tips...


LIEN said...

blinie ik vind je blog nu toch tof éh! tof tof tof!

over festivals gesproken jij gaat met mij mee naar:
1ste dag van werchter = want gratis ingang moet mogelijk zijn... 2many dj's draait dan. En kheb dan congééé.. ik zal iets fixen!

+ pukkelpop doen we zeker ook samen!

alst natuurlijk ok is voor jou éh :-)
would be superfun!

Tom Van Dorpe said...

Ik ben nu toch akkoord met ELK woord!!!!! leve confirmations!!!

The Confirming Friend said...

werchter werchter WEEEERCHTER!!!!

The Confirming Friend said...

Pukkelpop Pukkelpop HIEP HIEP HOERA

lien said...


G4jima said...

Then confirm this for me.

The Lien that comments here is th egirl Lien whom helped with production at Pukkelpop indeed very pleasant and efficient.

I visited Pukkelpop performing.

Nice blog.