Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marina vs Marina

I'll start with the good Marina.
Her name is Marina Perez.
She's with IMG.
And she is one of my most favorite models.
Below, she is wearing an incredible blouse from the Winter RTW08 Proenza Schouler collection.
What a gorgeous face... She looks like a little ghost... On top of that, she has the best personal style and she's sweet and intelligent.... I wish I was her ...

Now... let's talk about the other type of Marina...
Anyone from Belgium, knows what a marina is (male version is ronny).
In Holland they call them Anita's, in London Kevins, in Sydney Westies.... and so on and so on...
It's a type of person that comes close to the one displayed below.
She has big hair, skimpy or '5 years ago' style in clothes, not forgetting to mention her 'superb' taste in shoes, often has a french manicure, loves tuned cars and the guys who drive them, and usually works in a shop like Morgan.
Everyone who knows the Confirming Friend knows that she adores marina's and ronnies.

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File said...

Three words: I LOVE MARINAS!!!