Monday, May 26, 2008

Jeepers .. Oh My Creepers!

We all know these shoes for years and years now.
Started in the 1950's with the rise of the Rockabilly and the Teddy Boy youth subcultures. Very known in the US and the UK.
Invented by a guy called George Cox in 1949 - !!!
In the 1970's, this shoe got re-released by Malcolm McLaren when he started selling them again in his London Let it Rock shop... Malcolm McLaren and his partner: Vivienne Westwood (yes yes... the ubercoolest quirkiest granny in fashion) decided that not only the rockabillies should be wearing those shoes, so they changed their shop into more rocker-orientated shop.
Creepers got picked up by many other subcultures since then... AND NOW ALSO BY THE CONFIRMING FRIEND!!!

finally found the perfect pairs after a longlife search for them... and i had to find them all the way into Sydney....

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