Monday, May 26, 2008

All about Tea

White Tea - as in: a black tea with milk:
Drinking tea with milk and sugar was a result of tea being very expensive and using the milk as a filler. Only the aristocracy was able to afford black tea straight.
The Confirmin Friend feels like an aristocrate though :)
She drinks 2 cups in the morning.

Osmanthus Tea:
(it's a yellow flower) helps to improve skin beauty, nourish lungs, excrete inner toxin, and relieve food induced gastritis. Also benefits to the nerve system. (Flower Wish Tea - China)
And The Confirming Friend drinks 2 large mugs a day.

Pu-Erh Tea:
"Drinking pu-erh tea is purported to aid in digestion, reduce blood cholesterol and lipid levels. It is also widely believed in Chinese cultures to counteract the unpleasant effects of heavy alcohol consumption. In traditional Chinese medicine, the tea is believed to invigorate the spleen and inhibit "dampness." In the stomach, it is believed to reduce heat and "descends qi".
There are widely proposed explanations include that the tea increases the drinker's metabolism, or that the high tannin content in the tea binds macronutrients and coagulate digestive enzymes, thus reducing nutrient absorption. Although evidence is still sparse, it has been shown that rats experience reduction in body weight, blood triglycerides, and blood cholesterol following a diet containing pu-erh tea." wikipedia
The Confirming Friend drinks 1 large mug a day. In the morning. Or she doesn't sleep well... :(

Chai Tea - latte:
on a Saturday, I always drink my skim chai latte.
It has the same amount of caffeine as coffee.
Originally from India, Iran. Chai there means just Tea. Where as in the Western world, we think of it as Massala Chai: spiced tea.
The Confirming friend loves it.
1 chai latte on Saturday. (Or/And Sunday)


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Cold Thai Tea - Cha Yen

Thai Tea is a real favorite in Thailand. When you buy Thai Tea on the street, you normally get it in a small plastic bag with a straw. Since it's very easy to make it just like you find in Thailand, you can avoid paying $3.50 to Starbucks.

1 Servings

1-2 tablespoons Thai tea
1 tablespoon sweet condensed milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon milk
1 cup hot water

Add sugar and sweet condensed milk to a glass or cup. Put one tablespoon of Thai tea to a tea sock. Place the tea sock directly above the glass. Pour hot water into the tea sock. Set the tea sock aside. Stir until the sugar and sweet condensed milk are dissolved. Add ice and top the tea with milk.

If you like it hot, reduce the sugar and sweet condensed milk by half. Drink hot.